October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

October 1, 2012

Did you know that October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month? I had no idea. You know, normally I shamefully would not have paid much attention to something like this because my kids are only 5 and  6 years old. I don’t have to worry about things like this yet  right? WRONG!  Within the first 3 weeks of my daughter starting school I heard of 3 incidents involving first graders being bullied by older kids. My daughter was one of them. :( She was bullied by a 2nd grader boy.  I mean seriously, she is only 6 years old? Another incident happened to a boy in my daughter’s class.  He was punched in the face by an older kid. The other incident involved a girl in another first grade class where she was held down with her hands behind her and brought to her knees by 4 older girls.   What has this world come to where we have to teach our child how to defend themselves at 6 years old?  Isn’t this the time they should be having a carefree life and making friends in school? Gosh, I am so flippin naive. Wakeup Clarice! It’s time for me to realize that we do not live in the same world that existed when I grew up.

I am very fortunate that my daughter came home that day and told me exactly what had happened.  At first I thought surely she was mistaken but she went into depth about the incident. She told me that one of her friends thought this boy was funny and wanted her to meet him. This had been going on for the entire week. My daughter kept telling her friend she doesn’t want to meet him….she is very shy.  Anyhow, her friend got her sister and pulled her to this boy one day at recess. My daughter stood there in front of this boy.  He told her, “I see you are not afraid.  But if you come near me I will punch you in the face.”  I was totally appalled and wanted to do what any other mama bear would have done…protect her young.  But, I had no idea what I was suppose to do?  But knew that I had to tell her to get help from the adult attendees if this were to happen again.

I was totally on mama bear alert and I took action. I immediately contacted my daughter’s teacher, the principal, the mom of my daughter’s friends, the playground attendee and made them aware of what was going on. Luckily my daughter remembered the boy’s name a few days later so I was able to give this info to the principal. The principal took immediate action and spoke to the boy and his mom. This should appease me right? Well, it really only touched the surface for me. I realize that California has  no school budget and there is not enough money to hire more attendees at recesses but this comes down to the home of every child.  Why in the world are these kids bullying in the first place?  Maybe someday I may be called into the principals office and be sitting on the opposite side of this type of incident? Oh, how I hope it will NEVER happen to me. I am hopefully instilling right from wrong in my children. But why so much bullying in elementary schools?  It’s hard to believe that out of those four girls that pinned the first grader girl down, not one of those girls knew that what they were doing was wrong? Or were they afraid not to follow the pack leader? I don’t know but it scares me. They don’t even know the 4 girls name so that incident will mostly be sweeped under the rug.

Make sure your child feels comfortable to speak to you. Make it a habit to see how their day went every.single.day. The other first grader girl that was held down by 4 older girls didn’t tell her mom what happened to her. She instructed her friend that had witnessed this not to tell her mom what had happened. OMG…why? Thankfully, it all came out and her mom was notified. Speaking to your child even if bullying has not happened to them is so vital. Let them know that this is not right and there are people at school that can help them if it were to happen.  I am so very fortunate that my daughter spoke to me…make sure yours does.

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